Benefits of Having our online order system

order food online

A genuine commercial advantage.

  • So many websites are created just because the business owner feels that they ought to have an "Internet presence". Often such sites cost thousands and offer little or no return on investment. An Online Waiter website is an out-and-out business tool that will return your investment over and over again.

More convenient for your customers.

  • Many customers would rather browse your menu and add dishes to a shopping cart at their leisure instead of telephoning your restaurant and having a rushed conversation with one of your waiters.

More convenient (and profitable) for you.

  • Online orders arrive via your fax machine. They free-up your waiters from answering the phone and are always error free.

Stand out in a crowded market.

  • You need to do everything you can to stand out from your competitors. And you can get up and running for very little. You simply can't afford not to do this.

Larger orders.

  • Online orders are typically between 10 and 30% larger than phone orders. We can't explain why, but it is a widely reported statistic from businesses with online food ordering systems. People are more likely to add extra items to their basket.

More repeat business.

  • Customers prefer online ordering to telephone ordering and tend to order more frequently. Also customers can easily review & reorder past orders.

Accept card payments.

  • Giving your customers the option to pay online costs you nothing extra and can help attract business. Customers can choose to pay with a card when they checkout, or they can choose to pay with cash/cheque etc when they get their food.

Save on order errors.

  • No problems with the wrong items or missing items, as can happen with telephone orders.

Reinforce branding.

  • Standard or Unique website design for your restaurant.

Easy setup as 123.

  • We provide a full service where we create and run your website for you. so you have nothing to worry about. 

Reach new customers.

  • Without online ordering you are losing out on business from a large group of potential customers who use the web as their first choice for ordering products and services.

Automatically fix and update your website. Absolutely Free

  • Once you are up and running with your website, you'll never have to pay any development costs to keep your websites technology up to date. We are continually developing our system, and all new features and benefits are automatically rolled out to all of our customers websites. Our development team are constantly programming additional features and functionality into our online order system, and these are automatically available to our existing customers for no additional charge.