About Us
We are primarily focus on providing high-end technological web solution for Local Business. We provide instant and convenient web application and software solution to help business grow, gain more audience and to complete their daily tasks in the most cost effective way. We offer a platform independent system and web applications which allow you to run our applications on any operating systems (Mac OS, Windows, etc.). Mobile Device User is also our target audiences. Therefore, our software applications are compatible with the latest mobile technology such as iPhone, blackberry and Android. Our user-friendly interface will not only increase your customers satisfaction but also decrease your cost and increase your sales profit because of our attractive design and intuitive user experience. We utilize the most advanced technologies such as google map integration, Ajax order updates, distance control and etc to apply them into our system. TableCorner.com is the best choice for those restaurant owners who have high expectation in design, technology, quality, service and, professionalism.
Our Principle
Every company runs their business differently, so do we. We try to provide as much flexibility in price and service as possible for every client. Our goal is to come up a package that's just for you and your company. We want you to be happy with our services and products. Our business and service are different from many other businesses. It is NOT a One Time deal/service. We don't just sell you a product, we will help you grow and maintain your purchase. It will be a long term business relationship. That's why we care about your satisfaction so much and make sure you enjoy doing business with us. Choose our powerful Web services today can help you increase revenues in future.