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Practice Areas:

Immigration and Naturalization; Asylum; Deportation; Immigration Law; Removal Proceedings


Deputy Executive Director of the Fund for Armenian Relief, 1995-2000. Founder, The Homeless Street Children's Shelter, Armenia.


1995, New York


Pace University (B.A., 1981; M.P.A., 1983)

Law School:

Quinnipiac College School of Law, J.D., 1992


New York State Bar Association; New York Criminal Bar Association.


Garo G. Kapikian, Attorney

Immigration and Naturalization; Asylum; Deportation; Immigration Law; Removal Proceedings, Criminal Law.

 Lawyer Garo G. Kapikian, graduated from Pace University (B.A., 1981; M.P.A., 1983) Quinnipiac College School of Law, J.D., 1992.  Garo G. Kapikian has been a member of the NY State Bar since 1995.

Mr. Kapikian’s practice areas include Immigration and Naturalization; Asylum; Deportation. Immigration Law; Removal Proceedings. He handles Board of Immigration Appeals, Naturalization, 212(C) relief, all hardship waivers, Convention against Torture and Withholding relief, Adjustment of Status.  Many of his immigration cases involve criminal issues.

 As a Criminal Defense Attorney and Immigration Specialist, Mr. Kapikian gives many of his clients a “one stop shopping”  advantage in that he understands the very complex interrelation between criminal and immigration law. For example, a simple misdemeanor conviction in criminal court, with no sentence of incarceration, can still hold disastrous immigration law consequences for a non-citizen. Mr. Kapikian understands this better than most criminal lawyers and advises his clients accordingly.   

As an immigration lawyer, Mr. Kapikian received his training while working in a major, prestigious law firm in New York City.  From 2001 to 2011.  During that time, Mr. Kapikian learned immigration law from some of the top immigration lawyers in the country. He also travelled throughout the United States to represent his clients and has won the respect of his peers. 

Mr. Kapikian takes his job personally.  As the son and grandson of Armenian immigrants who came to the United States to seek refuge from persecution and poverty, Mr. Kapikian is acutely aware of the concerns of his clients and why they desire to emigrate to this great country.  Mr. Kapikian wants to help his clients receive the same gifts of freedom and opportunity that his own family members received generations ago. His personal touch is felt by his clients.  In fact, it is common for many of Mr. Kapikian’s clients to remember him and thank him for his services years after their cases where concluded.

As a criminal defense attorney,  Mr. Kapikian is an experienced litigator since 1995. He began working in criminal defense as a solo practitioner. He has been a member of the misdemeanor and felony 18-b panels in New York City since 2000.  He has handled thousands of criminal cases throughout the five boroughs in New York City, but mostly in Manhattan.  He has also practiced criminal law in Westchester, Putnam, Suffolk, and Dutchess Counties in New York State.  

Mr. Kapikian firmly believes that everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.  As such, Mr. Kapikian fights hard for his clients.  He approaches his cases with compassion, respect, and a genuine need to help his clients. He is a skillful negotiator and when necessary, a highly effective litigator.

Mr. Kapikian is motivated by the fact that many of criminal law clients “look worse on paper” than they are. Every client has a story and many are worth noting. For example, Mr. Kapikian has handled cases where his clients were arrested for assault when they were merely exercising their right to self defense.

In another case, Mr. Kapikian represented a homeless Vietnam Veteran who was arrested at a block party after he became intoxicated.  A knife was found on the man and he was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree, which is a misdemeanor.  The Mr. Kapikian contacted the Veterans Administration and confirmed that not only  did the man in fact serve in Vietnam, but did so with valor and distinction during many top secret operations behind enemy lines. Mr. Kapikian also learned, after speaking with the man, an African American, that he had witnessed the horrors of the Jim Crowe era in the South where he was born and raised. Like many other veterans, after the war, when he returned to the States, the man’s life spiraled downward. He ended up homeless, alone, and a shadow of the warrior that he once was. Yet the man was not bitter at all.  However, he carried the knife for protection as he was mugged twice while living in the streets. He had no criminal record.  Mr. Kapikian informed the Court and the Assistant District Attorney (ADA), that this man will never have a criminal record so long as he represented him.  After Mr. Kapikian persuaded the young ADA to drop the charges, the  judge thanked the man for his service to our country in open court.   

Mr. Kapikian handles a myriad of misdemeanor and felony cases, including theft, assault, harassment, trespassing, DWI, domestic violence offenses, weapons and drug possession and sales, fraud, prostitution, unlicensed massage, identity theft, traffic infractions and crimes, and attempted murder. Most of his cases have resulted in dismissals, acquittals, and reduced charges. Throughout the process, Mr. Kapikian is always been mindful of protecting the legal immigration status of his clients who are not yet citizens of the United States.

Prior to practicing law, Garo G. Kapikian was the Deputy Executive Director of the Fund for Armenian Relief, 1995-2000.  He played a pivotal role in establishing the  Homeless Street Children's Shelter, Armenia.  Mr. Kapikian was also responsible for improving the quality of life for millions of people throughout Armenia . He oversaw the successful implementation the new Armenian Welfare and Social Security system (“PAROS”).  He helped oversee construction projects in Armenia.  He also channeled massive food aid shipments to that country. Mr. Kapikian is fluent in Armenian.